Bummer …

So last night while I was doing the dishes I noticed that my right elbow was hurting a LOT. Like I’d overpainted or something. Today has been a mess in and of itself, that I will explain in a second, but I have a red bruise arcing from the inside to the elbow … now what the hell is that? So I didn’t paint today and instead, wah and angrily, then calmly, listening to Iron and Wine on the IPod, iced said elbow for about an hour. Headed back to a fresh ice pack in a second.

But first, my alters this morning were all up in arms about something and getting ready was some sort of feat this morning. They were at times derisive and clever, hard to keep up and manage, but the yogini does her new job patiently and well, and with some practice, with the help of New Mother and TLC on hand. But still, I was dissociated and headachey, shakey and dizzy, so much so that we could only consider short walkies for fear of Chipper’s dear sake. Bah.

Had to pretty much lay back down, restlessly, with flashbacks and voices of said mixed up  dizzifying alters, still shaking and headachey this morning, without being able to consider any projects, so I really didn’t think about my elbow until later.

Had an Ear, Nose and Throat (read, Sinus) doctor appointment at one pm, followed by Safeway and the Vet for various food items. Held it together rather well for all of that, I must say. I’ve done much worse, dissociation, panic and pain-wise, while driving. So that was good.

Then the elbow. So. Bummer. I’m hoping it will be better soon. ‘Cause, like most people, I kind of use the right arm for everything, AND computer mousing AND painting AND novel writing. Just saying.

Signing off for ice now. Bah. Wish me luck. I sure am. Heh. 😛

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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