Somewhat of an Upswing …

Sunday we visited my sister-in-law Cathy and had yummy food at Atlantis. Caught up on things and then rushed back to walk the Chip-daddy, don’t you know?

Helped Jason with the major project of the weekend, which was to turn the kitchen and bathrooms inside out for cockroach pesticide cleaning, which is to happen any minute now. Chipper and I wait, suspended in time, as it were, for he and I shall be quarantined to the studio for an undetermined period of time, as of yet, due to the toxicity of the stuff.

We’re going to have a small garage sale with some of the upended stuff, tho. Change $. Always helpful to have more space and to have clean cabinets, although we hadn’t seen any of the buglets, thankfully (awful memories of a very sad Bradford Avenue, Silver Spring apartment which was INFESTED and CHEAP by necessity — Yipes) but apparently an upstairs neighbor’s moving out caused an infestation to be found out, verily. Thus and so, two buildings are being cleaned today. I could only do a bit, here and there, with the arm and back compromised, but I did what I can. And only the one broken white souffle dish, a favorite. I hope to replace it at Christmas time.

Had the injections yesterday and they were more painful this time for lo, he did need to adjust the needles a lot, and lo, I did need to squeeze the kindly nurse’s hand a lot. I was less imperious this time, not saying a word to the contrary. In fact this time I said, I am such a wuss, to the group, and, Thank you, to the doc, afterwards, to which he replied, After that, You must be a glutton for punishment, but what I meant was thank you for the anticipated pain relief, etc. Oh well.

The doctor was somewhat openly disappointed that I only had four days of clear relief from pain from the first injections, which is why I think he was so very thorough with this second batch of adjusted needles. He kind of prepared us for a surgery, if we choose it. I will probably.

Had a rough afternoon and night, with an extreme amount of pain from the right elbow and a goodly amount from the back and neck, per usual and per the injections. Ice here and there and to and fro, through the night. So not lots of sleep, which makes it easier to rest today. Woke with rosy puffy cheeks, which must be the steroids.

So what is this upswing? I have more flexibility and somewhat less sharp pain in the right elbow as of the past two-three hours. I’ll take it. The doctor looked at it first thing and said it looked like it might get better with ice and rest on its own, and if it didn’t to come in for the specialists to see it. He tested it a bit this way and that, poked it where I pointed and where I didn’t, etc., but maybe it’s even the bit of steroids getting to it? I’ll take it, whatever the reason it’s feeling a bit better.

But no painting, and very little of any writing for a while. I’ll be patient.

Stay tuned. May the little elbow heal rightly.

Here is a little of what I’ve been thinking on FB:

feeling only love … seeing only love … strangeness and charm … hold on … Florence and the Machine — I also saw a bumper sticker today: love more .. fear less — Yes, I thought … it really is how you see the world isn’t it? friend or foe, man? friend or foe? one smile at a time — who knows? why not try a smile?

And …

is it really this simple? vote Republican if your politics are based on fear of your fellow men taking what you’ve earned, etc., i.e., fear-based? and vote Democrat if you believe in protecting the dignity and potential of every American citizen to thrive, etc., I.e., love-based? I have friends and family on both sides. I am a Democrat, tho, because I am love-based.

Instead of a firestorm of debate to the latter, an agreeable five likes. I’ll take it. Not that my Republican friends and family are not loving of their circle. I think you know what I mean there.

Can you tell it’s easier for me to type? I got a sign-in and update email from National Novel Writing Month of Maryland yesterday which was most cheering. Yay! I will get better. I think I can … I think I can …

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