Supersecret Tribute Album Subject Revealed

Blue and Then Some: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. I’ve been practicing the vocals and Dennis Nielsen has agreed to accompany me on guitar. We begin recording on October 20th, the same day as the Early Paintings Show Art Reception.

Today I practiced for an hour to Patty Griffin, as is my habit, 1000 Kisses, then Standing, then Heavenly Day. That oughta do it, and it did. I sang Carey several times fairly well, getting into the rhythm, getting into the playful character of the song, then Little Green. Tried to sing Carey again after that, and was too sorrowful to go back. We intend to cover the entire Blue album, and then some others. Those will be surprises, alas! Something must remain surprises, alas!

My right arm now, for it’s beyond my elbow, is somewhat better. There are no longer chunky hard bits on the inside of my elbow, although it is still puffy and bruised there. Instead, it’s mostly hot and swollen and tender to the touch along my forearm and on the outside of my wrist. Had an hour and a half of ice time this afternoon. Will be back on it in a bit. Am getting somewhat more patient with all of this, as it seems to be moving on out, whatever kind of tendonitis it was. Move it on out, hoss! ‘Kay?

Yesterday was crazee. I didn’t warm up the Bee and boy did I pay for it. She stalled out at the Exxon about three minutes away from home and there I sat, waiting for AAA. But lo, they had the wrong addy and lo, I did wait and wait, and miss my counseling appointment, lo. Flipping stinkbugs out of the car, verily, I did, thus, waiting in the heat. One got in though and staring me down at the center of the dashboard, it made it’s move, only to be swept into the left air vent. Goner. Sorry, dude. So I ended up closing the Sun roof and the windows and turning on the vent, because, because, Jason did convince me to start the car again and warm it up and sure enough, the battery had just gotten wet in the torrential rains of Monday, and sure enough … after twenty more minutes of waiting for the NEW AAA redirected service guy to come, I called them off, came home and rested … then went to a newly scheduled counseling appointment.

Where I vented mightily, lo. Turns out my counselor is working from her lovely fresh home office now and boy it is nice! Read some more Eudora Welty, wherein some travelers are stuck somewhere in the night on a boat train, some dark Wales outside …

Coping well. Heart is a beating and coping, well. Meditating and resting well. Much better than last week. Pain in my back is gone for now, per the injections. Took a while, but it took.

Beautiful Sun now streaming through the window. Time for ice again. Time to continue the healing path. Good thoughts to you and back and forth bouncy forth and back. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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