Santa’s Workshop, Kind of …

Wore myself, and especially the right arm, but it’s the only arm truly capable of the superfine, supermotor detail work here, OUT, but I finished cleaning and signing twelve of the watercolor paintings for the Early Paintings Show at Modern Times Coffeehouse, Politics & Prose Bookstore, October 16-November 29. You may have heard mention of this show. Heh. I kid. I market the hell out of it. Way.

Anyhoo. It’s going to be a blast. I can feel it coming. Hey, if you can’t make it the night of the opening, email me and meet me for coffee while the show is up, why don’t you? Fun!

While I was cleaning the glass on all those paintings, I was looking at the details of the brushstrokes, etc., the styles, and remembering creating them, or flashing back on some other thing, like getting them framed, or comments people have made. Like, What is that supposed to be, anyway? That is a favorite. Can’t you bring the price down on Haiti? I mean it’s a masterpiece, but … But, I said, I painted it right after surgery, my brother was in Haiti, it’s one of a kind, it will never happen again. Roll of the eyes on the part of the person asking the question.

A lot goes into these paintings. It’s hard to quantify. Qualify? Especially these early ones, the abstracts, they will never happen again. I just don’t paint that way anymore. Wish I did, in a way. For example, with Orange Twist, below, I don’t even remember HOW I achieved the result.

Why is it Santa’s Workshop? Because people can be shopping early for Christmas with the Early Paintings Show, right? You could think of it thataway …

Have an appointment now for Wednesday at 1:50 in Rockville with the hand, elbow, shoulder surgeon … to look at whatever I have done to my poor right arm. Sigh. At least a super duper specialist will be looking at it. Maybe he will say, Stay the course, it will get better eventually. You can paint again in a month. That is okay. Just tell me something. It is a relief to have the appointment.

Oh, also we got mail from the insurance company that they have figured out that indeed they do need to pay for all this stuff that they had said, thousands and hundreds of stuff over the Summer that they initially said, No, you were not covered at the time, when clearly I was, now they are paying, or have paid for it. The hospitalization in August, sixteen counseling visits over the Summer, five hundred dollars’s worth of various orthopedic treatments over the Summer. Sigh and whew! It was really weighing heavily on me, because we had coverage, and it was like, What kind of wierd game is this? We are covered? WTF? So huge relief on that front. Not like I had written about it, but it has been in the background.

Also, we heard from the master masterer of Silhouette: A Tribute to Chris Whitley? and it should be back from him in October! That is just simply awesome. Just simply frickin’ awesome. So stay tuned for more Christmas tuneage. We will next be trying for distribution rights on that. Please send us good luck on that. We will need it.

I feel so bad for the Redskins quarterback who got the concussion yesterday in the game. I mean, I don’t know him or anything, and I’m a newbie still to this area? I’d feel just as bad if it was Peytie Pie, right? but I saw the replay and it’s just sick. Sometimes I just hate the brutality of the game. Sigh. Bah. Just a game. Just a head. WTF?

Oh! I heard back on Friday and forgot to tell you! The owner of THE front porch house contacted me back and said it was okay for me to photograph her house as long as she approved the photos, and as long as you couldn’t tell it was her house. That is totally what I’m going for, to morph and brand (such a marketer, listen to me! ack!) the image of her front porch so it says “front porch!” but not her front porch. Somehow. Not sure how I’m a do that. We shall see. 🙂 Fun though. Everyone has been so cooperative!

Well, I need to rest myself. Chipper needs nubbins, don’t you know?

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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