Say What?

So I went to the most excellent surgeon who operated on both my hands and my left shoulder, thinking yesterday as I kind of read Eudora Welty on the Kindle, Surely my right arm has repetitive stress tendonitis, Yes, that’s what he’ll say. Well, actually the brilliant surgeon was stumped momentarily then said, I’ve never seen anything like it. Phlebitis? I’m going to refer you to a vascular surgeon and a specialist in infectious diseases. We ruled out the back injections as the culprits, in terms of the recent fungal meningitis scare. But, say what? He ordered a snazzy thumb-wrist brace to stabilize that inflamed tendon, and a nifty sling. And that was that.

I was fitted for alla that, holding my car keys in my left hand, assimilating. I’m still assimilating, and it’s the next day already! Heh, typing with the one hand. Sigh.

On my way to see if my primary care doctor wants to prescribe an antibiotic or … ? so I’ll type some more in an itty bit …

… so the doctor’s thought is also Phlebitis, but not infected. Found someone to do a vascular ultrasound or something tomorrow of my right arm and left calf. Also did bloodwork to doublecheck for infection. So. That’s what I’ve got, news-wise.

Pretty beat. Going to rest now. Stay tuned.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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