One Point Five

So the Doctor called this morning while I was headed for Kinko’s on art opening business and asked if she could go over the lab results? Sure? She said that I had a 1.5 (something or other) and I’m supposed to have at least a 2. So have to take half a pill extra of Coumadin tonight and then everything else stays the same, including the darned blasted stomach shots, for Monday morning blood testing. She will fax the lab order (with the STAT this time! she laughed) and then we will see how I fare. Do you have enough shots she asked? Sure I said, not really knowing. But, sure?

If not we’ll call the on call people on Sunday and ask for more. No worries. There is a solution. We have great pharmacy folks at the Safeway, btw. Superbe!

So I’m on Percocet for belly pain now, my arm is almost not hurting now and my belly pain has been off the charts. So ease up, body on something and be done! Had to switch from Miralax to Immodium so I could get some restful sleep last night. Exhausted and grumpy even so.

However, however, I decided to have two Reese’s cups? and ? and ? I should call them? because like magic? I’m not so grumpy now and much more motivated to do stuff. Chocolate makes you do THINGS, as they say.

So fifty business cards printed and folded apart later, before Reese’s, the towels were folded before then, too, I still need to SING, dammit. For real. Jason said we can just do Dennis’ guitar parts, tomorrow but I’m determined to warm up for an hour and see what I can do.

It’s just my belly hurts so badly still and I just feel so exhausted. Meh. Whew. Another rest period methinks. You can’t force the creative energy. It’s there or it’s not. Not with physical pain, especially. So, a bit more rest.

Oh! Before I forget! Still very very excited about the show of course! Just grumpy right now as I said … here, looooooook!

If you can see it, to the right is the title of the show in lettering which Modern Times Coffeehouse had printed up for me: “Early Paintings: Amy Jackson”. and then to the left is Underwater! And a lovely patron is enjoying the cafe at the same time! Stefan, the Gallery Director, was nice enough to take this pic on his IPhone for me yesterday and send it on to me. Woo! Thanks, Stefan! Rock!

Okay, now I need to rest me. Thanks for listening! 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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