Level 2.0

I was thinking, I don’t need to be anywhere, really really now. Now that the show is done. I mean, I need to be everywhere for everybody, for Jason, for Chipper, for my counselor, for my birthday party on Sunday, for my fambly and friends. But now that the the show is done. Really I could go to the hospital if she made me. The doctor called promptly at five pm and said, Hello, Amy, How are your feeling, etc. etc. and, I’ve got your I and R results. You’ve reached a clotting factor of 2.0! So you don’t need the shots anymore anyway! Yay I said, literally, and we had a good, celebratory laugh on the phone there for a few seconds.

So she wants bloodwork again on Thursday and if it’s still at 2.0 then we’ll check again in a week. I see the vascular surgeon for the ultrasound, etc. on Monday and more info., etc.

Today it was like my alters had decided they didn’t need to be anywhere, either. I heard two of them say, I’m 14! I’m 18! Oh. What a difference four years makes, I thought, thanking them for their input. But whoa, driving was hard, really really hard. Focus, Focus, Focus the whole time. Officer, I have personality issues. Seriously. Erm?

Stay at home unless the paintings sale check comes?

Just mailed the ArtSpring consignment agreement with the friendly mailman, as well as the Netflix movie we’ve had Wayyyyyyyyy too long. Tomorrow a letter will go ‘cross the ocean to a friend who’s making her art life blossom in Germany! hurray! Miss her so! She knows who she is. You may know who she is, even. Hee. Miss her but so happy for her. Sigh. Good times, life.

So, time to check the mail now, then rest for an itty thirty minutes, then make Chinese-inspired roast chicken for this week’s dinner to which I wasn’t up yesterday. Then more rest.

Space girl is way on top today. Still a bit of the cold. Back pain big time in the middle of the night and again this morning about half as bad but enough. Not so bad now, so taking it easy. See the spine surgeon on the morrow.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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