Every Painting Has a Story: Untitled

Wild thing. Untitled. Lord knows I don’t know what it is. I started to call it Golf Course for some reason. It has a duck in it, and a beak, and windows. There are a lot of things IN it, mind you. But now it has a HOME. A woman and her daughter have decided to take her home now, and on November 29th they will come and her her. We will wrap her in foam and she will go bye bye. It’s all good.

Untitled is my fourth big painting, after Storms in the Iris, after Haiti, Underwater. I never had a plan for those early abstract paintings. I painted in a dream state back then. It was all about art therapy. Just let ‘er go. Interestingly, this painting foretells my current tropical paintings, however. My longing for luscious leaves and bright colors. This is all in watercolor, then intensified here and there with pastel and pencil. I remember using very little water on this painting, using the paint straight out of the tube. Now I am into acrylics and know how to achieve that immediate, intense color, but I really had to work for it back then.

I know I said I was going to write about Cloud today, but I am writing only the stories of the fourteen paintings on view in the Early Paintings Show at the Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose Bookstore through November 29th. Ahem. So, tomorrow, on my birthday, I get to talk about the beginning of my painting for real!

Still with the cold. Gave blood this morning, deposited two checks, one for a consignment sale for Rebekah’s Closet on October 14th (thank you!) and on for the sale of Orange Twist and Untitled (above!). Then off to the post office to mail to my friend in Germany a petite notita long overdue because I couldn’t hand write for like a month! Then to Safeway yet again because I spaced on the Cheerios yesterday and today, wanted another cup o’ chicken soup. Which I will have at 2, I think. Appetite not great lately. Bah. Working on that.

So excited about my birthday tomorrow in kind of kid way. Heh. And Sunday we go to Jason’s Mom’s house for my choice fixin’s: Lasagna with Chokit cake. Yum. Fun.

More rest now with focus on any kind of breathing, good luck (!), with cold, in anticipation of recording on Saturday. Yay! Deeeeeep Breath. I am going to practice today. U2 comes on right now — Yeeeahhhhhh! All is Quiet on New Year’s Day — oh the memories, you all … you have no idea. Freshman year. Broken Heart. Winter Chill. Bracing myself for the world. Numb. I want to be with you be with you night and day. Tough luck itty girl in the big bad world he done broke up with you. It’s over. Sigh. See I remember things like now. Heh. Great song.

I’m gonna sing my heart out.

Time to rest. Be in the now, which is way good, balancing out again, thank you … very much. Blessed Bee. Bzzz.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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