Every Painting Has a Story: Orange Twist

And a home, either or mine, or yours. Mine is full up, mind you. So, think about it, payment plan or whatnot. These paintings could be part of your life more than they already are, to the point that they are. Just saying. Except that Orange Twist is taken. and now I’m excited to say that yesterday Afternoon Tea and Wreck now have a new home at the end of the Early Paintings Show. Woo! Better than my closet any day, poor dears. I hate to think of any painting in a closet, don’t you? Sigh. I think they like light, and to breathe. Maybe that’s just me.

Orange Twist was all about very little watercolor tint, very little water. All about the stroke. I remember thinking, Every stroke has to count. Every stroke matters. I still think that. So much so that it bothers me when a painting seems done after five minutes. That just doesn’t seem right somehow. That’s just not enough work in my mind. Like Orange Twist was done in a day. Hmmm. Can it be? Well, it was. I just had to let her go. Back away from the painting, M’aam.

Now the colors, who doesn’t love a fresh orange? But I mixed in a bit of yellow and red and got this lovely peach. Ohh, yeah. Loving that. Learning to mix the colors.

There is the slightest bit of layering, and then … then, there is this mysterious thing I did in this painting that I was not able to duplicate in any other painting successfully. Or was not patient enough to let stand, the work thing again, letting it rest, standing back, etc. Anyway, you can see in the lower right section this portion that doesn’t look possible really … as if it is threaded through? Well, I THINK what I did was I went through with the brush when it was wet, then through again, then again. Then stopped. Ida know, really, how I did. It remains a mystery. So … there you have it. Hence, the twist.

Slept enormously well, last night, thankfully. We got up early this morning so we could go get gifts for my mother-in-law’s sister’s birthday at Whole Foods. Love it there. Yay. Still a bit dizzy. Rested. Soon, very, we’ll walk Chip-daddy and then head out. Storm should hit late-day now. Maybe after we get home, a blessing for us. We hope. To be all snugged in with the dog when it hits. That would be just fine. That being said, will shut down the computer before we leave. My priceless files. Backed up or no. It’s my everything now.

I said yesterday when a dear friend who lives in tornado-stricken Tennessee, where we used to live, and mind you, I grew up in tornado-stricken Georgia, that hurricanes are better than tornados. I hope that wasn’t a bad thing to say. Like at least we don’t live where you do. Eep. I hope it wasn’t a bad thing. I worry about things like that, after the fact. But, truth is, it’s one of the many reasons we moved. Tornado Alley, they call it. You can’t prepare for a tornado. Suddenly they are there. This hurricane, we’ve had days to prepare. You know it’s coming — you go to the store, etc.

Some hard news on two fronts. First, the dear dear woman who cuts my hair lo these four years, has colon cancer. I cannot communicate to you what a wise and dear, lovely person she is, two boys. I can only wish the best for her. Found out yesterday when she walked me outside after cutting my hair. We both did our best not to cry. We couldn’t hug because of my cold. Her surgery is on November 15.

And the woman, also dear, although I know her less well, due to a language barrier, and due to time, just have known her a year, the woman who does my pedicures was out for ten days because she had to go to the doctor, her hands hurt her so. She has a daughter in school, a single Mom, Cambodian I think, very stoic and proud. This is all she knows to do, the pedicures. What will she do if not this? And she does it well. I worry for her.

So I am blessed. I worry for others. I see the vascular surgeon tomorrow afternoon. I give bloodwork in the morning. I’m now at a blood clot factor of 3.o. Eep! So. Not sure what that means. Hopefully it will have dropped over the weekend? Who knows. But at least I get to find out more information on the two blood clots in the afternoon tomorrow, whether I can paint again, do yoga, etc. ?

Sigh. I am blessed. I am. It balances. It does. I’m not just saying that. I know this, mang. πŸ˜› Peace.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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2 Responses to Every Painting Has a Story: Orange Twist

  1. jav3d says:

    Remarkable work! Love those elegant strokes.

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