Every Painting Has a Story: Autumn Growth

This was my third painting, carefully adding little bits of watercolor tint to see what would happen, a little green, a little black, yellow, white, ouch! Such a process of discovery, every stroke counts! I remember such angst with this one, thinking, well, it’s a learning process, people will understand I was still learning at this stage and not judge me too harshly for abstract, i.e. no, composition. Lack of intent. But as you can see, I was thinking of forms while I painted, leaves, skin, flowers, textures. I did have intent. I was so harsh on MYSELF. In the end, I decided because I had learned so much from the painting that it had earned the title, Autumn Growth.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers say hi, as we march through time awaiting the hurricane. Gave my bloodwork without a hitch this morning — they let me right in, since they are closing the lab at noon. Had a call while getting ready this morning, canceling the  appointment with the vascular surgeon at 3:15 this afternoon. They will call to reschedule. They are also closing at noon. Up in the air on that. Kind of want that info but will be patient and snuggle in, safely, instead, with Chipper, with lit candles and warm things to drink, blankets, socks. For socks, it is the time of socks again! Will do a load of light-colored laundry while we still have power.

Jason will for now have to wait until three pm to come home unless he get lucky. Hoping for noon for him but that sounds easier than it is, to close an office early. So, looking forward to snugging him in safely as well. He needs the rest as well.

Lovely time yesterday with Jason’s family over lasagna and cake, presents, fun! and no problems driving home before the rain. Slept soundly, like a rock!

Editing lint and spots out of old film photos of the retro turquoise blinds this morning, and may get to some tinkering with the ArtSpring web upload — i.e., can I sign in? etc. While I still have power.

Feeling somewhat more with it today, like I have a direct connect to my soul, not like I’m some spirit chasing after one, or someone whose lost one, i.e., a ZOMBIE. That was all last week. Thankfully no.

See, I kind of wanted to know from that vascular surgeon appointment if I could paint and do yoga after today. Oh well. I can wait.

Hands so numb, and what’s up with that, Mr. Vascular Surgeon, I ask you?

Okay. I’ll wait. See, I’m all kinds of patient. Chipper stretches in the hall on his side. He’s all kinds of patient, too. He is my role model for Zen Buddha lifestyle, he is.

Take care, wherever you are. Light as a feather, heavy as the weather — Nora Jones.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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4 Responses to Every Painting Has a Story: Autumn Growth

  1. jav3d says:

    Harshly? You gotta be kidding me 🙂

    This is gorgeous! Such a wonderful combination of colors and soft flowing shapes. Almost feels like folds of a fabric.

    Very beautiful.

    • amyjacksoncc says:

      Harshly — indeed — that’s what I was thinking — very insecure I was and at times, still am — my own worst critic — but I do challenge and push myself harder because of it. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  2. George Vagabon says:

    A very pleasing image, so easy to look at. Well done!

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