Framed Prints Section — Under Construction

Machinist’s Canvas, it’s called, one of the very fist photos I took at Chilton’s Industrial Machine Shop, lo, back in the very DAY. Nice and drippy and RANDOM! (random!) It is enhanced oh so slightly with brightness and contrast in Adobe Photoshop.

Why, you might ask, do I pull out this one from the stacky stack after so long? Because it is one of the ones that was picked for my very first show! It is framed, therefore and such and so.

I’ve spent some goodly time in the few days past where I’ve had the energy, working up the web section, and she is still under construction, don’t you know, but I thought you might want to see where she is for now. Why not? It was a lot of work to get her this far. Anyhoo. Today I inventoried the rest of the framed ones and will be working on the rest of it. So keep checking back. I’ll post the link again when done. Yay!

I kept waiting to feel better to blog today, but didn’t, so blog anyway. Screaming pain still. Hmm. GI appt. at 8:15 AM Friday, and Jason will take Chipper before he leaves so I can make that, then I’ll walk Chippie again when I get back. Thankfully, it’s in Germantown, it’s all they had this week. Seems like FOREVER from now, truly.

I was telling Jason that it seems to be one of my life lessons to cope with enormous physical pain? something? still I want to get better of course. That thought kind of soothes me, that it’s some kind of challenge to overcome. Right? Breathe through it, girl!

Supposed to be our first snow today! Smells like snow. I couldn’t bear any colors but dark, black, so much pain. Black heavy overcoat, marled cotton charcoal mix turtleneck (machine wash is better for the environment!), black yoga pants (better for my tummy!) and a longgggg black wool cardigan, black scarf, black Dansko clogs, black Afghani cap, black stormproof gloves. BLACK I tell you! Just like college cold war days or something. That much pain, no light. argh.

However, THANK YOU LORD OBAMA WON! You were waiting for it? Imagine if Romney had won? I wouldn’t have been able to function at all. At least I have gumption and spirit at all today internally because of four more years of a compassionate, brilliant …. you know I could go on but I won’t rub it in for those who didn’t vote for him, eh? President! So that is the shining aspect of the day.

I am blessed.

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