More Industrial Balancing Acts/Feats of Nature, et al

This one has never been out to play really. It’s framed, it’s on the website, it even has a nifty name: Torque Inscription. See, I went back and back to Chilton’s Industrial Machine Shop, and after the pieces for my first show at Ruby Green Gallery were already chosen, I fell upon these, like, fifteen foot, amazing drills? Wow?

And what do the inscriptions mean? are they messages to the Earth? heh

Terrible, awful gastric pain, and joint, back pain, you name it, it hurts! yesterday thru today, through last night — gah! Off Percocet since last Sunday at midnight. The Alka Seltzer cold medicine KINDA helps? me sleep.

So no bloggy blog yesterday. I did finish the industrial framed stock section and hope to finish up the whole thing … soon? and get back to novel writing. INCREDIBLY frustrated. No interest in food, all the lovely clothes fit nicely but I am loving the comfy sweat pants, and the like. Apparently I may be depressed as well. Feel rather perky although I’m in incredible pain, given the pain. You try it. Let’s get Mikey. Hey Mikey!

See, a sense of humor!

GI doctor said he would immediately go for a fourth in my life colonoscopy and a new CT scan (lost count) except he thinks that it may be too soon. He said to double the number of fiber capsules I take, to try these under the tongue anti-cramping tabs four times a day, and give it 1-3 weeks. Unless it gets worse. Then call him. I asked him what is good for someone who manages their irritable bowel syndrome well, in a year, for outbreaks. He said there is no normal. He said it is very stress-related. PTSD, I said, raising my right hand, kind of laughing. It kicks you when you’re down, he said. You take care, he said, walking out.

So now my sights are set on some hopefully good news on Monday morning at the vascular surgeon re: the two blood clots in my right bicep. Like, they’re gone. Like, I can paint. I can do yoga. That would do very nicely. One can hope.

There’s more I’m hoping for, but a girl has her close-kept secrets, doesn’t she? Right. 🙂

Take care.

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