Blinds Finitti

They’re kind of very Mad Men to me.

I mean, they’re not that much, when you put them up all together, for all the work it took to clean up, six fotos, big deal, but the colors, the range. Something about them. And Blinds 1 and 2 really are almost the same, that smoky thing has just travelled a little bit in the second frame.

Nonetheless, a different era comes to mind for me. Typewriters, definitely, working class definitions, hierarchies, dictation (I never had to learn the strange language thankfully, before my time), crisp, carbon copies, triplicate, filing, labels, cabinets, a certain shade of olive green and manila cream. Absolute perfect white or you better start over ’cause it has to be perfect. And you understood that. World of worlds. Word.

Why are men still wearing ties anyway? I mean I love a nice silk tie, but every day? We don’t have to wear hose unless it’s cold. Give it up already. Wear some great flowing stuff — get there already. Sigh. It’s even in Rebekah’s Closet — even she wants to free you all of the requisite garb. Love a tuxedo. shhh.

Anyway, besides, these blinds, shades are dreamy.

Oh, you know I’m still at it with the physical healing and I’ll be taggin’ the blog with that. Had a great nappy nap due to some new Sudafed today because of new sinus headache — yay? Had these wild barbs of pain going into my head during walkies. Yow. Paleeeze.

Overall achies are done except for my neck, which I think just needs some more rest, time and light yoga. I think I did yoga like five times yesterday. Ooops? No I think it was a good thing. My back is somewhat better today although it is much more like MY  back instead of the post-injection back of many weeks. Hence, yoga.

Did I tell you we have like a $5k family deductible for any med/mental care? Talk about managed care. That is a joke, kind of. Makes you think twice. Makes you say, bill me and payment plan. You still need the care. It’s sick. Single payer health plan. Sigh.

Alas with the health care joking. So now that I have the framed stock and the blinds sections done, I am free to novel up. I am free to send out my email update tomorrow post-vascular surgeon and then write on the novel. I’m going to post to the National Novel Writing Month site my proud 615 words thus far this afternoon, so I’ll be ready and connected and stuff. See how prepared to write I am. 🙂

Okay. Time to rest. What usually happens at this time at the end of the blog is, my back pain calls to me, then my neck, then overall fatigue, then I get a picture of our lovely bed, such as we have made it, for I think everyone’s bed is lovely to them, a place of ultimate comfort when in need (although there are dreams for better for lots of folks I know for those in need around the world and I am most blessed) visions of me curled up in there are calling to me at the end of the blog. Chipper’s collar shakes just now. Another inducement. How can I resist? Take care. May we all work for a world where we all have what we ultimately need and deserve. I shall dream it and maybe it shall come true. And you?


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