Blood Clots Finitti

Does that really need an image? That kind of speaks for itself … and … hells yeah and hip hip hooray I can paint again! woohoo! with the right arm, You do paint with the right arm he said, Right? Yeah, I said. What about yoga, I asked. He paused, then shook his head. I don’t think so, with the numbness in the left hand. I can prove for sure that it’s not coming from the arteries in the left arm. Schedule a test, talk to your neck surgeon, and cancel the test if you don’t need it, but I think it’s coming from your neck surgery. What?


But I can paint again! Does little dancing circles around the darkened studio, by now, so late in the day. See, I thought the appointment was at 10:15 but it was at 2:15,  so I got there WAYYY early and filled out paperwork for fifteen minutes this morning, then went and gave a blood sample (my last now!) for Coumadin (because I don’t have to take it anymore! Aspirin instead!) which was a lovely social experiment in and of itself. Buddhists love this sort of thing, right? Injecting love into otherwise possibly fractious and temper-fraught situations, the LabCorp waiting room, plus a screaming child and two grumpy elders? Oh you got it. I added all the smiles and humor and fun I could muster with my pain levels, that I could. Quite the spiritual test and I felt as though I had earned the blood giving. And, it was my last for now, as I said. Hurrah!

Paint! Tomorrow I will dare to open my palette to see what cool and bizarre fungi have grown there amongst the defunct dear paints. A New Zealand Godzone was where I was last … frenetically caught between the abstract and the representational — hmmm — this will be a dear painting to me, for sure. Maybe not a great one in the end, but a dear one, a precious one.

So much pain today, guys. But one condition knocked outta the park. And with Coumadin out of my system and needing to see my spine surgeon again soon we shall what comes of that. Still, that nasty 5K deductible stares me in the face … next year perhaps, mid-year, back surgery — who can say. At least maybe he can give me something more for the pain for now? Somehow I wonder if the stress of the blood clot thingy was causing more bowel stress for me.

The cold is almost gone I think, too. Slowly but surely. (and I can PAINT) … glory be!

and I need to write up a storm — so a new balancing act between writing, painting, singing and resting … herm herm … I’ll figure it out — so little up time —

a fellow writer read the first 615 words I posted on the NaNoWriMo site and loved it. I’m blessed. Said he loved the characters. Eep. Shhh. I have to introduce some more because those first two, well, they don’t make it. Didn’t want to break it to him yet. Shhh.

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2 Responses to Blood Clots Finitti

  1. jav3d says:

    Congratulations! For what it’s worth 🙂

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