Godzone VI


I turned the canvas upside down and kind of guessed what I should do, especially since I have had a glass and a half now of Cloque du Bois Merlot Ahem Ahem. Ahem. Seriously. I haven’t had any wine or beer since September mind you. Ahem. It’s quite numbing of the pain and quite fun. Mind you. Yay.

So I turned the canvas upside down and kind of guessed, as I said before, you’ll forgive me for repeating myself, ahem, and it worked out quite well, I think. Really. There’s a bit of detail on the right, but, that being said.

So, I had counseling today and she was all like, how did you exactly exactly fall and I don’t know but I blacked out for sure and we tried to figure it out and for some twenty minutes we finally figured out I blacked out and twisted right and fell on my left side. Ahem. Gah. Then we processed the shakiness which apparently simpletons, again sorry for the name you have, but you have as well even after falls and car accidents. I was like I remember scrapes and bandaids and such like gah, nothing! as a kid but now it’s like wow I could hurt my serious back and serious neck and serious serious serious gah! heh. Bah. Drinking the Vino helps me cope just the little bit thank you very much thank you. Merlot. Sigh. I know it’s temporary the Merlot.

But the painting turned out well. So I rushed and rushed to the appointment with the spine surgeon after the counselor only to find out the silly receptionist got it wrong and it’s TOMORROW at 11:40 not TODAY that my appointment is. Gah. So. Home. Well, Wine and Spirits for the Merlot and then home. Gah.

Cause I have half a percocet and I woke up almost crying in pain at something like three am last night begging for something from Jason when he got up.


So, tomorrow all will be well, my bruises will be all checked out and such and so.

Now to rest me. You must laugh at me at times. It’s not karma. It’s my life somehow. I learn and I learn. Yesterday I actually creatively visualized taking fotos on a beach and said watch out for falling coconuts. F the coconuts it’s a dream, mind you. Don’t be practical while visualizing. Go with the dream.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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