Godzone VII

I danced with the painting today, literally. I felt like a dancer. I moved like a dancer. It was kind of a first. I’m not sure why it happened today, but it felt really right, really good. And, it’s funny, because I’m all banged up and stuff, with the the strawberry on the left wrist and the godawful bruise on left knee. And, per the spine surgeon, whiplash on the neck and bursitis in the left hip. I danced. Well, thus and so. So I did.

I discovered black. I first mixed up Hansa Yellow with two shades of green and then went to town. I mixed in Neutral Gray and then lost track. I looked at the photograph and then just started balancing the painting. I dabbed. I trailed, I danced. I went back and forth. It was glorious. I tell you, I had fun. Yay!

Just the one glass of Merlot today. And well, the Percocet. Well, what can I say.

Didn’t sleep well at all last night, in so much pain. So restless. Listened to the IPod, Iron and Wine, again after so many months off of them, so relieved to hear their lovely and heelarious lyrics again, until I was up to 68 songs, then Imogen Heap, then I had bled the IPod’s battery red. Then, nothing left but to breathe. Finally fell asleep around three am.

Woke and got up at 7 am with Jason. And now Jason is home at 2 pm!

Went to the store to get the Percocet but hellatious line so just dropped her off. Conversed amiably in Spanish with the Salvation Army dude and didn’t realize until I went back that he had asked me nicely for a cup of joe. So then went back to Starbucks an thus and so. Blessings on my house and family.

Then later went back for buttermilk but it was soooo hard to find me and another woman almost gave up. She had given up and was on to other goods. I asked for help and found it with kindness and then got her and ran her one and then got me one. Then to the percocet and all done. Thanks Mamita the Salvation Army dude is named Marcielo.

Jason is now sleeping with Chipper and the sliding glass door is open.

Finally figured out the hook for the mirror section in the novel. Yay. You will just have to get one now won’t you!

Now to rest me, myself. Whew! But glad the painting turned out for today, thus and so. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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