Godzone VIII

I hope you don’t mind the shaft of light on the painting today — I was ready to take the photo and the bottom of the canvas was dripping and/or sticky with paint so I couldn’t take her to the den otherwise — AND Catch the Sun by Doves was playing so it all just seemed RIGHT. You know? So I went with it. Washed the brush and put water in the palette to help the paint last further and wouldn’t you know? The shaft of light was gone. I thought about taking a standard photo for you, but it just wouldn’t be the same. The moment had passed. So there you have it.

The lower portion of the canvas is filled in but not DONE, mind you. Grassy sections take time, in layers. Okay. I’ve said it. I had to do some balancing with that grassy color up top to make it work, even. It was fun though. The painting is going to get a bit darker now, that’s just the way it goes. I have to add paint over the lighter sections, so be aware of that. It’s kind of hard to do that, I admire the light so. But it must be. I’ll be adding light back in at the end, brightness. 🙂

Was so excited about today and tomorrow and Sunday I could hardly get to sleep last night, but thankfully the IPod was there to keep my mind busy. Not as much pain, thankfully. Took until about 10:30 PM! Wow. What Lunesta?

Thanksgiving was lovely, companionship, blessings, food, everything. I didn’t eat too much … we had good laughter and giggles and warmth. Everything was just right, then we drew names and Christmas season began! woo!

This morning I bought the Christmas present for my Secret Santa giftee and it is backordered until December 6th! Whoa! I hope everything turns out right there. I’m sure it will but there is a teeny bit of tension there. Other than that, buy a gift bag and my shopping is done, save the Christmas stocking items for Jason. Whee! That is fun. Last year we split up at Whole Foods, kept running into each other, splitting up again, giggling. Met at the register, split up again and winked across registers, met up again for the car. Great fun stuffing the stockings. Love that. Whole Foods has such great treats, spa and chocolate-wise, you can’t really go wrong there.

Oh! I found out by calling the art blogger that the article on me is still a go and should come out next week or so. Here I thought mayhaps I was too complex or something. So I should have a linky soon. We shall see. 🙂 Fun!

We’ve been clearing and cleaning the dining room table and such and have done fairly well. But Jason’s cold hit another dragon’s tail so he’s out for a bit and I’m hitting a spell here in a bit, but am determined and MUST practice singing for tomorrow’s recording. So there. So that’s good. Jason’s all snugged in on the couch and Chipper on the bed where I shall be very soon.

Wishing you all well. Hope you like where The Front Porch is headed. It sure feels good to me. Hoping to write lots more soon. Don’t think I’ll hit fifty thousand words this month but will keep chugging along and finish soon enough in a year or so. Works for me!  Hugs to you all! Happy Holidays! 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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