Recording, Lasagna, and Christmas Tree

You know if I don’t post for a day or so, I’m either busy or not well, and in this case, it was a bit of both. Yesterday we did in fact record two songs for Blues and Then Some: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell, Carey and Little Green, in four hours, which isn’t so bad, I don’t guess. It was some good work, and well done in the end, we all thought, thankfully. And one would hope so, after four hours working on anything, right? Jason is taking a break from music since then, so I haven’t heard them yet, but I feel good about them. So.

However, my neck and back are hurting tons today and yesterday. So. I pay for it. And as I’ve often said, things balance out.

I did however finish reading The Midwife of Hope River, which is good book, if you’re into midwifery in the 1930s, of West Virginia. Politics and all. Well done. And now I’m back to Neruda, and today wouldn’t you know, I land on a poem called simple and magically, profoundly, La Palabra, The Word. So I’m in some kind of heaven with that, and while Jason had to run to get more peanut butter and this and that, Jeff Lynde’s documentary Mr. Blue Sky was on Palladia and I was in like, double heaven there on the chaise lounge, when usually I’m not into TV that much. What a genius he is.

We teamed up to make dinner this week, our first ever lasagna together, which is surprising that we’ve never done that, and it’s a stunner, or looks to be. I started the meat sauce and Jason finished it. I seasoned the ricotta, resisting the sugar packet but I did it. Damn I hate adding sugar to anything savory. Damnit I do. Oh well. Like cornbread should never be sweet, I’m sorry! But no! I don’t know what kind of South people are from where cornbread is sweet it never was in our house. Just saying.

Then we got to the Christmas Tree and there she is …

And she is already a presence in the house, while we were layering up the lasagna just now. She was like, ahem, ahem, look at me! I think, because I put all kinds of spirit into placing each special ornament, from which each ornament was given to us … she is virtually embodied. Thus and so, thus and so. 🙂


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