Word Count: 2085

This morning I had coffee in the home of a new neighbor friend with her toddler daughter. We also had grapes and sliced apples. They have a lovely view of the massive tremendo dead tree that I’ve so longed to photograph, but lo, it just doesn’t come off right in the viewfinder with the townhouses. It comes off great from her porch though, with the dark brown gourd birdhouse with a sparrow peeking out, where, from that level the townhouses cannot be seen, and the tremendous dead gray skeleton tree is highlighted against evergreens. Yes. Perfect. Who knew, but now I do.

So that was nice. Now she and I can borrow cups of flour and/or sugar at will.

However, I had back to back nightmare night, as you may have predicted from yesterday’s counseling and day. Yes, hellish, and woke with fragile emotional state to match significantly high back and neck pain levels. Way!

That being said, it is a beautiful sunny day, somewhat warmer than yesterday.

And I had it in me to write, hence the title of today’s blog, adding to yesterday’s 600 words, up to 2085 (so less the 600 and you get today’s word count, you do the math, okay?). Other fun stats from NaNoWriMo: total words written: 7463. Getting up there! Words to finish the 50,000 words in the remaining 3 days’ time: 14,179. NOT going to happen. I have written up to 5k words in a day. And paid dearly for it with back pain and if I remember correctly, some sort of migraine.

But still, The Front Porch is flowing well. I know it must bore you to hear me say that again, but the flow, she is nice. You would not like it, I suppose, if I was saying it was going in fits and starts. For it isn’t.

My new friend asked today if I had everything perfectly charted out on paper or something. I told her I do have an outline for the whole book, that I started writing a chapter outline in October, but stopped. It’s all in my head, but then it kind of writes itself. That’s the flow I’m talking about. I kind of see it as I’m writing. It clarifies, it happens in my hands as I type. She was running and it made sense for her to fall so she did, and hard. It made sense for the other character to faint when she heard the bloodcurdling scream. That character had already been shaking uncontrollably before she had the sense to put her cell phone in the side pocket of her barn jacket because her hands were shaking too hard to hold it. She did make it out the door, intending to go help, but when she heard the scream, that was too much for her system.

Now I didn’t know that the one character was going to fall or the other to faint before I sat down to write. In fact, I had so much trepidation about writing this development yesterday that I had to stop. I didn’t have it in me to let the flow come. I was too overwhelmed. But today, I’m rather calm, last night’s nightmares and my emotional fragility notwithstanding, I can write about other people’s emotional fragility. Somehow. I’m not sure where it comes from but damn I love writing.

I wanted to continue past that word count, I really did, but my head developed a curdle of pain over the brow and my back was screaming no no Nanette no you don’t write no more today, girlie.

So I set a load of dark clothes to running, covered Chipper up in bed and put myself in there, too.

I look fondly at my painting but it’s not going to happen today.

I thought about not blogging since again today I have no image, but I thought in case folks check to see how I am, and yesterday was so BAD a day, really, and today is relatively GOOD, in comparison. I should blog. So there you have it.

Headache, etc., so back to the comfy zone with me. Chipper is now on his side in the hall. Thanks again for listening to me. 🙂


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