Ready to Live I – IV

DSC_3971First today I added Chromium Green to symbolize growth coming up through the Earth in the Spring to the lower section of the painting. In some areas I will go back and when the green is dry, line with thin sections of black, and possibly other colors, and more. More! Then I added an upsurge of LIFE! in Cadmium Yellow in the center, kind of an arrow, an upstart, an upshoot.

I then needed to balance that yellow elsewhere, and decided to add it to the pink bulb to the middle left. Good! Added the darker pink to the inner section of the bulb, then used the darker pink to paint three sections. Two pale pink sections followed.

I ate dinner, and had intended to continue painting, insisting I had so much more to do, but then realized I had to stop, due to pain and fatigue.

Jason bought me a heating pad today and it is awesome for my neck and shoulders, and I’m sure for my back, when I’m ready for that, as well. The heat is nonstop, unlike the microwave heaters of the past, so I’m absolutely thrilled with this. woo!

A very rainy chilly day. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, as yesterday was, and Tuesday is to be cold again. Up and down. Roller coaster! Layers and shawls. Hot flashes and night sweats and sniffles.

Wrote 670 odd words today as well. Hooray! Think I’m back in the groove since I hadn’t written in a week. I had gotten to a rough patch in the story and I figured out what to do to segue. So that’s good. No NaNoWriMo to record it on but will post a status of that for friends on Facebook … hoping to get some more momentum going this month on the novel.

Yesterday we went for a little, limited shopping with Cathy, Jason’s sister and then ate at Atlantis. Was very tired post — no painting, no nothing — just rested. But we had lots of giggles and warmth. Holiday spirits up!

Today Jason has been cooking. He did me the favore of taking Chipper while I slept in a little bit this morning. I took Chipper again later am, but I was stuck to the bed big time. Slept very well but just was OUT. So that was awesome. Chipper was sluggish on walkies, too. Rainy day kind of. When usually he is hard to keep up with.

So now to the heating pad and Chipper with me. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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