Ready to Live I – X

DSC_3993Now I’ve added the final white striping to the upper layer and new, Iron Oxide (!) striping to the bottom layer! That pops the Earth. I added more white to the pink bud’s upper layer and I want to add a Neutral Gray stripe to the left of the yellow arrow. Then, I think she is Finitti. Woo!

I am in somewhat of a quandary about which of three paintings to start next … an impressionistic one first, in which I may get a bit lost perhaps? or two V’s … one up one down. I will do all three and will continue to play with these impressionistic and V’s and more shapes in the series, it’s just what next, what NEXT? hmmmm.

Oh, I’m still with the sore throat and have some sort of cold. Shaking now. Need to go back to resting the body and soul. Rested somewhat peacefully most of the day, although I did get my December update out this morning, which is some task to address, wrote it yesterday (I think?) and decorated the Christmas wreath.

While I was enjoying dancing with the wreath on the front door, having noted on Facebook last night not to wrestle with things because they have physics on their side, my friend, local caregiver Abbey came by and I invited her in to see the tree. She didn’t know I am a painter, writer, singer, etc. It never came up in our many conversations. More red, she said about the wreath, ha. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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