Ready to Live I Finitti


Well, and there you have her. Today I added the Neutral Gray striping to the left of the yellow arrow, and to the edges at the far left and right. I temporarily added some to the inside of the pink bud, but that has been changed. I since then have taken the time to enhance the inner details of the pink bud, with mauve, white and red. Hooray! She is done. Such a good feeling. I hope you like!

So now I’ve decided to do a V painting with the point of the V pointing up. You shall see the sketch on the morrow.

Oh so sick, however. I had to type skype in my counseling appointment because I’m on the point of laryngitis, and to spare her any germy germs. It was a good session, the details of which I really can’t get into. Usually I can, kind of, but I had two new memories over the weekend, so we went over those, because I was feeling haunted and unsafe because of those and needed release/freedom. The session, even just typing, was quite freeing. Yay!

It is a beautiful, somewhat warm, breezy, sunny day.

The train of this cold is a coming, however, day by day. Time for me to respect my body and get on into bed. It is not my wish but what can be done but love her? Ack, said Bill the Cat on Bloom County.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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