Ready to Live II – IV

DSC_4017This is really getting fun … are you having fun with this painting yet?

Today I painted several layers of lime … I think the water I loaded in to sponge for the SECOND palette I opened for this painting seeped into the lime mix over night and it was quite thin. EEp! So I emptied the dishwasher while Jason gave Chipper nubbies on the bed and listened to the mastered mix of Silhouette: A Tribute to Chris Whitley on the IPod, while the first layers dried.

Then I painted the rose to the lower left! fun! I cannot tell you how exciting it is a) to paint in vivid red, and b) to fill in with a small round brush in vivid red, like lipstick. Actually, that red is close to a Chanel shade I wear every day. Shocking! Ha. It really helps Β me get through the day. Heh. The other day I joked that the lipstick was the only thing holding me up, the cold was bringing me so far down. Btw, that Chanel lipstick has lasted all year long. Good stuff.

Then I painted the lavender bit to the right, then the leaf to the right of the rose.

The shafts of light on the canvas are too distracting now to paint, and I should rest me anyhoo.

Very excited about Christmas, and quite silly. Yay!

Someone is moving outside and I so hope it is the folks directly above because the mom has been beating the young teen girl to get her to get up in the am. ARgh. Among other reasons I hope they are moving. Fingers crossed.

Beautiful, crisp day.

Lovely poetry by Jose Marti, btw, in the collection I’m reading. Really opening my world into juicy bits. MMMM. Hard to explain.

Must go for now.

Merry day before the day before Christmas EVE!!!! Hope you are enjoying your holidays!!!! πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Ready to Live II – IV

  1. Bourbon says:

    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

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