Ready to Live II – V

DSC_4021Last night after I rested the light was awesome in the studio, so I got up and painted like mad again. I’ve the bug. This painting is hard to resist. Can’t you tell? Next, I’ll be painting a sky blue and Cobalt Blue border around for the Spring SKY. Yes. It will come, I tell you. I don’t even have to tell you. Right.

It was great fun painting the Cobalt Teal, the lime, the Cadmium Red, then the dove pink. It really all fell into place nicely, although I must admit I asked Jason’s advice a few times. And why not?

We woke early this morning and Jason didn’t have to go in. I wore all Winter white and walked Chipper brightly, we walked brightly, only to find a neighbor is gone around the corner. She was nice, had a Buddha on her stoop, nice flowers, a Shitzu, and a new boyfriend, who I guess she’s gone to live with now. Yay, and sadness. I didn’t know her well, but would wave while we walked our dogs and such. A nice lady. Wah. Maybe someone else nice will move in.

So the upstairs neighbors right above stayed. Wah. But a nice new African American family moved in all day yesterday and smartly in a day. I introduced myself to the father and the two youngsters and explained about our friendly dog Chipper who they will see and Jason who they will meet one day and WELCOME! So that’s cool. They are way up on the third floor. Wow, all that up to the third floor in day.

I’ve been trying to make sure Chipper has a good day, since we’ll be gone after 2:45 until sleepies. I just brushed him, brushed his teeth and put his special flea and tick meds on his back. Gave him a Milkbone. He is snoo’ed in on the bed now. All he needs now is a modified massage, since I can’t touch his back where the medication is. Poor guy. See, Cathy, my sister-in-law, has this dear Boxer Roxy, who can’t tolerate other dogs. Or we’d take Chippy to see his Granma. Sigh. He loves it over there and she loves him.

I’m still sick, but energy is good, just a bad mess of congestion, etc. Slept well, though. Jason now is stuffy and started on the Sudafed for the first time this morning. Hopefully he won’t get it as bad as I did. Argh. He stays congested all year ’round worse than I do from allergies.

I did the last two Christmas cards and am hoping the mailman comes to the rental office to pick them up before they close at 1 pm. But I’m not super worried. Any day a cheerful card comes, it’s a good thing, I think, these days. Wow. These days.

They fired on some firemen this morning in New York. I mean, really.

I’m going to mix up some sky blue sky now and paint for while. Sending out peace to you all on a grey but rather lovely in spirit besides somehow Christmas Eve, Chris Whitley’s New Lost World is playing … from Hotel Vast Horizon

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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