Ready to Live III – Sketch

DSC_4031You should really try to see this sketch. I was going to have several curls of growth coming from an upward V of Earth. Then I was thinking the Earth was like shucks of corn husks, or coming through trees or through Light. Hmmm. I sketched for a bit on this. I thought, I only have so much canvas, so much time, so much space, to say what I want to say. I thought of a Chrysalis, a Butterfly. I saw my favorite Butterfly Light Switch Plate I found in Monterey so very many years ago … so symbolic that I’ve never attached it to a wall. It stays below my computer monitor to switch my dreams and visions there so … soooooo … transform me there …

And so … the colors will be very key … this is kind of Egyptian to me, kind of Buddhist, Symbolist to me, this painting. Hang with, if you will. I was thinking Art Deco buds coming from the V and I was also thinking of the Mexican Muralists such as Diego Rivera with their Lily and farm forms. But I went wayyy Light. So we shall see. It portends Light and Flight into the New Year into the New Life of the New Spring. That is what this series is about.

And I’m still forty-eight years old, mind you. How DARE I be thinking about LIFE. Ha! Well, thus and so. Apparently I am.

Woke and did NOT want to stir from bed, but did so for dear Chipper’s sake, and for the need to provide sustenance to the body. Hurrah. Checked the weather on the Blackberry and was kind of thrilled that it was Winter and I must needs bundle up. Dusky pink tissue turtleneck and ocelot comfy pants to the rescue. And why not? Heh.

Has taken most of the day to get ’round to this sketch but so be it. I so have and thus and so. The cold is slowly moving it’s congestive path through and I’ve decided to go OTC med-free today and so on … just tea and rest. Bock Bock.

Have been thinking about the novel and the main character and how she pulls through the darkest dark and I must teach her. Can’t fake it. Must be real myself. Must breathe from the deepest light breath I have in the darkest night. Hard when you have a cold, but that must be so, and comedy. There. For there is the Fool’s Gold Gold. One of the main theme’s to laugh in the mirror and find fun and a fine reflection. Not of complexion but of fineness, of humanity, of worthiness, of worth it. Of course. Beingness. She does.

Looking forward to and enjoying the series very much. Came out of nowhere as the best things often do. Magic mirror.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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