Ready to Live III Finitti


The Butterfly has flown the painting! She is free of me and us!

I finished painting the Earthy stripes and again they went much better with the smaller bright brush. Then I mixed up a very light sky blue and a very light Cobalt Blue to the left and right of the chrysalis. Done!

Yesterday afternoon I read some great deal of the Latin American poetry anthology, to discover one each of several poets, and three to start with of Gabriela Mistral! Oh MY! It was time for bed then, but I was quite enthralled, and used the Blackberry again for my itty internet research wonderings, to find that she was quite the poet, leader, educator, WOW! And I call myself a Spanish Major? Never to have heard of her? What GIVES Spanish Department at a Women’s College? Hello?

Well, I’ll forgive you all … I’ve found her now. Turns out she even was one of Neruda’s teachers …

So my next foray into buying poetry will be hers.

Only to seek her on Amazon and the only one for Kindle is called Madwomen or something. The one sentence bio is something like she was a great Latin American poet. Understatement. League of Nations ring a bell? Nobel Laureate? Jeez. What does it take for her to get the recognition she deserves … ?

And then to read up on how women are treated in India, just to name one country …

I’m on a rant … but I’ll stop … you get the picture.

I feel very blessed.

Butterflies are free and endangered. So are women and so am I. I survived. Thank the blessed skies and Earth beneath my very feet. Cheers to a New Year of survival and creativity.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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