Ready to Live IV – VI

DSC_4062At long last, I painted the lower left Earth portion of the painting late this afternoon. With some trepidation, I stroked in some Mars Black to the far left, then added in good amounts of Iron Oxide, the latter of which is one of my all-time favorite colors and paints, because it reminds me of the Earth at home and because it is such a lovely, spreadable pigment. Ahhhhhh. Indeed. Raw Sienna is much thinner, mind you, very similar in color, but thin. Bah. I use both, but prefer the former by far.

Then I continued the effect, adding in Burnt Umber, more Mars Black, then, oddly, a bit of orange, and a bit of Naples Yellow. I found myself making a bit of a Chinese Junk ship sail/fan effect — do you see it? Well, it is the Earth, and a Chinese Junk ship/fan. So there. Both.


Me likey. Who knew that was where I would end up?

Where the hell have I been for several days, one might ask? Well, I have been looking all over the studio, for one thing, for an older 35 mm negative of which I have sold a print, so I have gone through ALL of my photo negatives. Not easily done, so my back has been and is out of whack. Enough said on that point. Resting that and painful that. And the studio has been awry and unpaintworthy for some time. Awry is not a la mode. And I haven’t really known really where to go with the Earth below on the painting.

On Tuesday we had counseling together and rested post.

Yesterday we went to a meeting at a possible gallery where I may be exhibiting — will let you know — 🙂

and today we finally went to Second Story Books and sold five bags of books, to the tune of $70. Hoorah! Well, I bought one amazing photography essay on Hawaii by their Nature Conservancy that may have 10 paintings or so coming from it … an investment book, if you will, for $4.50. That money will actually go toward my new set of contact lenses, instead of anything else I mentioned. Jason will cover the art contest fee coming up on the 23rd. Hoorah!

But largely we have been sorting through and moving things about the space — and there was the power outage on Tuesday night for many hours! and MAYHEM out in the parking lot during that … I figured those folks just faced a) darkness indoors because they had not the candles nor the flashlight, and b) MAYHEM outdoors was the only option. The IPOD ensued.

We still have lots to do. Making calls on this and that. First round of calls on Chris Whitley distribution made and second round begun today. Ahem. These things take the time.

Mentally and physically still struggling — but cold is finally and slowly passing — hurrah yet again!

Til next time! 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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