Ready to Live V – II

DSC_4075I’m really liking this on the one hand, and really somewhat confused about what I’m creating, on the other. It is kind of a petal tapestry? I think I may add some Burnt Umber and some Mars Black in there … ? not sure AT ALL where this upper 2/3 is headed. NO BLUE. Maybe some blue? Heh. Blue would be surreal. That’s for sure. Hmmm. Not sure at all.

But I’m figuring it out as I go. I look back at the previous painting, at the pale pink Sweet Pea and think, Geometry, Movement. That has been most helpful, because absolutely nothing else is. No matter what assortment of paints nor what order I put paint on the canvas nor veining nor whatnot. Geometry and Movement, that is what is working.

Okay. I can go with that.

Dance with Gravity, as it were.

I do that all day long. Don’t you?

I got up right as Jason was leaving today, which was good. Goodish walkies with Chipper though was a bit underdressed and cold. Tulip gray mini, black elsewhere except for charcoal cotton sweater. Twas cold and rainyish. Later, warming up the Bee for some thirty minutes for errands, I had added a beloved and purled military charcoal wool sweater over top and was thrilled at the comfy.

The Bee coughed and was having none of it, I must say. Called Jason twice and he called back and with him on the phone we laughed and wondered at the Bee. What it would take. She no likey the rain and misty. Regardless it being a warm day. She no likey. Giving her gas all the time all nicely and stuff. Still, cough cough. So I backed her up sweetly and pulled her up again a few times. Cough cough. Drove her hesitantly around the parking lot, fine. Twice ’round again, fine. Well, dammit she oughta bee after thirty minutes.

Post office to mail the film negative and show print to Dodge Chrome for my dear friend who bought one. I canna drive to Silver Spring so easily no more, and then apparently, neither can the Bee? And the hassle. No rush anyhoo. Loving Maggie my rep there. She will do it up right and I will see. Perfection me lovey.

Excellence is my method.

Roasted some fresh asparagus with salt, pepper, olive oil, a bit of garlic salt. Just right. House smells nice. Jason did the pork and other veggies over the weekend. Woohoo! Healthy food for the week!

Time for the rest. Added a new yoga pose which I think is helping strengthen and stretch me. Yoga feels so especially good. Gets my kinks out, gives a rush to my blood and my heart, calms me down, strengthens me — it is awesome. Sigh. If it would only fix my neck and back without surgery. It can only do so much. It does a LOT! and meditation! Hooray!

Feeling since yesterday so much a stranger in my body, my self — getting flashbacks from my babysitter’s time, and another adolescent abuse time outside the house, in a hotel room where I had to ultimately hide in the closet — I feel like I don’t fit in my skin. It’s a very odd feeling that makes it hard to walk, to walk Chipper. Meditation and counseling will help, I hope.

Supposed to rain the next two days. Fortunately there is chicken soup in the fridge. 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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