Ready to Live VI – IV

DSC_4121I did this late last night and I think the Earthen sections are coming from the parts of me that identify most strongly with the Native and Indigenous peoples of the Earth. It looks pretty Meso to me. The dove makes me the happiest, of course.

Rococo by Arcade Fire plays right now, perhaps my most fave song right now. Wild. Communication between ages. Ahhhhh. The rocking on many levels. Yes.

So now with the painting I need to fill in all the white space with contrasting colors and movimientos. 🙂 Via stripes of color, shadows, corners, maybe tiny dots. We shall see.

Could hardly sleep last night.

Surreal time again today off the clock. No time fits in mine today.

But that is always the case with me, now isn’t it. ?

That is what I meant about the fugue state. When am I ever in synch? What hosts anymore? Functional. Functional auto-pilots know routines of teeth-brushing with variations even.


But even so today we finished, having started yesterday, and some even last week, clearing off the dear, but shakity old pine and bolt shelf I have used for lo these many decades in the studio. See, alas, BEFORE:



And then, having thusly many weeksly hence been sending off my rare book collection into the winds of time and chuff in some cases they had gotten so rough — there was the lovely empty black shelf in the corner of the dining room, surrounded by paintings and stuff —

I cleaned it and filled it neatly, alas, the AFTER:

DSC_4117With lower lumbar brace donned, so well may it be done, neater and safer!

And then we did rest and rest ’til anon.

When I neatened up last night’s painting and blogged a ‘lil blog!



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4 Responses to Ready to Live VI – IV

  1. solacetiger says:

    This is paint? It looks like crayons to me. 🙂 Also, I really like that piece.

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