Ready to Live VI – Process

DSC_4139This is as far as I got with pastel painting today, which, which … is actually some marked progress with the completion of the painting: the palette of the border to the right. I’ve decided to sketch some jungle botanics detail into that remaining section there, and then add the colors you see above. somewhat in that ascending order. I’m a bit more than psyched, but a) don’t have the design energy for the sketch right now, ribs hurting, especially the left; and b) overall, very tired and achey and not up to painting. Harumph.

So here are some fotos from the under process of the Ready to Live series. Alas, or at last, you can see that and how perhaps, I have been viewing the designers for the Spring RTW Collections of 2013 since November, right? right. I don’t really know what I’m inspired by the most, color, form, texture, how they make me feel when I think of how they are anticipating and responding to Spring … and in some cases the absence of Spring even in the presence of Spring elsewhere, i.e., in the urban areas where Spring is hard to find except in temperature?

Bring Spring? in that case? What does Spring mean to us then? What are we essentially transmitting, also in response to Winter, that still may lingering? Crazy —

I have the Earth and flowers. That’s where I started. Now I have Earth forms and symbols and Flower forms and symbols. The sky was gone but it is getting ready to return. The green had also gone for a time, but is returning with this piece.

I will start a new section on my website for this Ready to Live series in a while when I think I know what I’m doing! What I have done, is more coherent. Or tomorrow. Heh.



Today I wore my pink wool pencil skirt with white and my favorite taupe clogs, etc. Was headed to counseling, but the Bee said, You didn’t start me up all day yesterday during the ice and cold ass rain and today, just for that, I’m not gonna start for you.

Harumph. Jason. AAA. Wait wait wait. AAA comes and says the battery needs replacing but has no record in their system that I ever bought a battery from them so I need to call AAA and get it straightened out because he can’t replace it for free without a receipt.

AAA. No worries, found your records instantly. Will have someone out by noon. Go outside and the mailman has come. Go through the mail in the lovely Sun and day, completely the opposite of yesterday. Spring fashions and the light is perfect and ahhhh. But then it’s 12:15 or 12:20. AAA. Oh, they’ll be there at 12:30. 12:47. Jason. AAA. They’ll be right there.

New test on battery. Battery charged perfectly no need to replace! Jason. AAA. No need to replace. Call us if you need us.

Exhausted. Rest. Left hip is impinged severely, as are left riblets. Harder to walk today. Lopsided. Resting makes most sense, and yoga out of the question. Bath and walkies helped. Meditation getting easier and easier; finding quieter places inside despite constant alter/memory activity. Somehow extremely sad and pleasantly functioning. Not sure how that’s possible but that’s about it. Processing, I guess is what it is.

Take fotos.

Blog. It is as you see it.



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