Ready to Live VI – VI

DSC_4157Here is a collage in response to the upper left image, not mine. Take of it what you will.

Okay. So first I did the sketch of tropical foliage about mid-day, then rested for a considerable period of time.

DSC_4155Then I used a good half of the colors I pulled yesterday for my palette.


Now my quest takes me to the first pale pink panel again, as it should. However, it takes me back to the rawest, most vulnerable place, in the most playful primal way, instead of the raw Cat, in addition to the raw Cat, but tempered by playful primal. How’s that?

The painting in pastel itself was delightful. If anything, with the pale pink section I could deepen the pinks, add to that border, although layers over an existing pastel, dificil!


Jason tried to start the Bee for us this morning but no go. Walked Chipper in delightful, there’s that joyful word again (!), warmer weather today. AAA will resend this time to replace for sure. Guy decides to run test, which says to replace. Thank Buddha! Then he doesn’t want to and does not leave receipt post-replacement, so how to prove 3-year warranty? Oh he’ll post to AAA no problem.

This bugs. AAA says to wait a moment, calls dispatcher. AAA apologizes and Guy returns with receipt, none to happy but with smile. Yeesh! But we have proof. The Bee she is temperamental.

Still with the injuries list and resting/healing zone. Last night Jason did shoulder rubbies and I did healing spa bath. Van Gogh bubble sky.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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