Ready to Live VI Finitti


Viva! I decided to do something I have never done, which is not to cut into the artwork in order to clean up the border. You need to know the details of this border where the paper curls at the corners. Sorry for the error, if it is an error indeed. Details must be seen in this case.

This one feels like life blood, very strong and I don’t question it or myself as I do sometimes at the end of a work. I just feel centered and strong and complete. That is happy art and I will leave her at that.

I started yesterday afternoon to call The Orthopaedic Center where I have the knee appointment next Thursday and ask them, since this is my catch-all my body hurts place, My left ribs hurt, should I come by, Can I come by tomorrow at any time at all? Beg. Actually. But I thought better of it. That’s pain.

I will wait another week.

Jason’s had broken ribs before and he says there is nothing they can do anyway(s). Hurts to breathe, twist, reach, bend, stretch. Yoga, not.


So in the healing zone is heating padolicious. Meditation is going very well, breathing well. Alters and memories come and meditate with me. They run up, ghost up, flare, sit, flash and stand, run forward like movies.

Starting a Ready to Live section but will finish tomorrow. Liking the new one that much.

Took random and not-so fotos around the place today. In part because our dining room table is knick-knack and memorabilia heaven, seemingly overflowing, with fruit bowls … and we have to completely and quickly move our entire bedroom around to meet a fire code, which has been puzzling us for some two months, hence getting rid of all my rare books (reason # ?) and now finishing late next (NEXT) Saturday with help (!) … I took some fotos of what she looks like now. And Chipper of course languorous in her midst.


The dining room table, with extant remnant of sign Andee Rudloff made for her show for me in Bowling Green back in the DAY, and in the front the BOWL we got at an arts fair, dried flowers abounding throughout, more fotos about …

DSC_4162The Spiritual altar as she currently exists, with many special crystals and memorabilia strewn, and an Indian bell in front, which I usually ring after yoga each night …

DSC_4164My Lady dresser … complete with hugemongous Latin American Poetry collection … bowl o’ bracelets … etcetera … la …

DSC_4168Here is the current reading ready nook by the bed, art books atop, poetry and literature mid, music third and magazines fourth … the bed will be turned completely around to face the incoming door, not sure if the bookcase can stay or if the dresser will go where the bookcase is now? … I lay in the bed and as I thought of all these variations I half wondered what the room would look like when I opened my eyes again, the room inside my mind imagining it was spinning so.

DSC_4171This is Jason’s armoire and my exercise ball on top. I don’t know where either will go, really, although one bookcase will be sold Friday and it could go there to give us the most room. The ball I really don’t know — on my head? Ha.

DSC_4174Here is the other half of the studio I didn’t get to show since I don’t have the panoramic option, AND since I DID decide to focus on the visual artist (painter) for my submit your workplace to Art House earlier. OH well. anyhoo — This is the other bit! With computer doodling for the camera and Chipper’s Mother’s Day card to me on the right cheering me on! The ever-present yellow sticky notes … piles … and what is where means EVERYTHING.

DSC_4175Now this is a studio blessed with great light!

DSC_4178and a bed blessed with great dog!

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