Ready to Live VII Sketch

DSC_4190So I was aghast to find this was my last for now, piece of watercolor paper upon which to apply pastel. Say that fast in a dark alley. NO, don’t.

Anyhoo, this is akin to the movement of many of the pieces and prints in the Spring RTW 2013 Collections, without stealing and with a good deal of symbolism and innovation. And doodling of jungle foliage. Put that in your Spring collection, little jungle doodling.

So silly I am.

Greek temple Earthen work below, Greek not Roman, mind you. Or Etruscan. However, inspiration is from rock climbers on a Prana catalog with white rocks. Am I really gonna do white rocks, and where were they. And can I do another one with just white rocks some day. Sure.

But these will be rusty and blackened EARTHY. Like you want to plant in.

The floral forms are gone visionary, blasted into the abstract and ghostly in several of the prints. I adore that as much as I love a retro, spot on botanical, hand-painted floral. Sigh, actual and literal. Adore.

Counseling today was so helpful and productive. Sad, as well. Made me angry at times but I got to vent, remembered the name of the family at the end of the street for the first time in multiple decades. Remembered abuser number #? We didn’t bother to tally since early January now. It’s nuts. Because of my trained behavior I would come on to guys and they would either report me, stop me or go along.

You guess what was most common. Same as it ever was.

And, what you don’t know isn’t normal isn’t wrong.


Going tomorrow to Second Story Books with a friend who’s never been. Then there is this Art House five minutes sketch project — to the tallest building in your town/city. Ours is a water tower painted EARTH. Yah, so we go there next. I’m a try to sketch in watercolor, right? I mean, it’s the EARTH.

So I’m excited.

Tired, in pain, per usual, but it’s been a good day. Glad it’s Friday. 🙂 Superbowl on Sunday — a friend is coming over to share her feast and watch for as long as we can keep our eyes open. 🙂 Still no yoga capacity. Meditation still going well. Loving music enormously because it keeps me company deeply like meditation.

Snowed beautifully today. Jason had no trouble on early commute and it was a pretty snow. I had no trouble getting to counseling and back. Delightful snowfall.


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