Ready to Live VII – III

DSC_4199So here my love of textiles, or at least scarves? shows — ha! something does. MY LOVE OF SOMETHING SHOWS HERE … hee — silk comes to mind … brocade … old tapestries … ahem …

blasted flowers ahem …

wrote one thousand eleven hundred odd words in the narrative of The Front Porch today after in counseling she asked about writing and I was like, meh … I wrote last week — that is bad of me — so I wrote — determined to at least write a paragraph and I LOVED LOVED it. I am a writer.

So who forgets that I am a writer?

The painter, what have you.


Anyhoo. I loved it. A difficult passage I’m in but even so, the psychology of getting through it, humans getting through a very difficult passage lovingly. Humanely. I’m all over it. Wears me out though somewhat.

Then painted, which was glorious.

Now I rest.

Meditation is hard. Sometimes I choose to feel, to process. To be. To observe is  not to be in the same kind of way. I’ve found. It’s dissociated from being. Observing from a distance with plugs pulled. As it were. But breathing. Yes.


kay gone to rest now.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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