Ready to Live VII – IV

DSC_4202Considerable work and progress to make this a here. I worked on the upper and side right border a ton. Then took on the Earth below, which ended up transcendental and otherworldly, which I”m not sure is possible. Heh.

Layered the Earthy colors with lighter to lighter colors to pinks. Then added streaks of palest pink and red. RED!

Hard to get up lately. Not feeling well inside out but trying to be peppy.

Had doctor appointments galore today. Jason’s physical at 8:15 went well. Awaiting test results and good info to work on there. He is just finishing up his 1.5 hour Christmas massage now!

Then my knee appointment. Prolly have several places where the meniscus is torn, on both knees, due to injury and age. Can’t really take on physical therapy at this point. Will have to budget for another time, but good info.

Tomorrow will be clearing off the dresser into boxes and out from under the bed, which is halfway done, with three large, intense but thin canvases coming out.

Saturday, Cathy and Dennis will come out to help move the furniture. Hopefully this will resolve the fire code situation?

Still with my list of physical aches and pains. Alas. Some will be resolved sooner than later.

Reading in waiting rooms, this amazing Latin American poetry. Takes me away to the Antilles, fruta, enchantment, and so much more, this is research for my main character, Joanna, who may be using some of these poems for her students! How exciting!

Very tired. Now to rest me.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Ready to Live VII – IV

  1. your artwork is amazing, you are so talented

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