Ready to Live VII – V



I’m painting in Burnt Umber to the Earth section. It is very satisfying, and a lot of work. My right hand is staying cramped even when I’m resting, in ways I can’t massage.

Cleaning off the dresser and out from under the bed. Found the bike helmet, superlock (Kryptonite), water bottle. We may be able to sell my amazing super yummy solid black mountain bike tomorrow mid-day, post moving the bedroom around. Sigh. Such dreams I had for riding her along the C&O Canal are not to be. I can buy another one some day if need be, but it’s like the rollerblades now. Hmmm. Maybe not? A stationary bike is more up my alley. No! Don’t say that. I will buy another one if need be.

She is sweet, tho. Glad I found the gear to go with.

Also found our wedding album and champagne toasting glasses packed in their box, post sipping! So I cleaned the glasses and they are drying on a towel now, and I continue the research under the bed. ? Found the neck brace, both arm braces of course. Not as exciting as champagne glasses, any day.

Having to rest for good hours to get good thirty minutes up, so not much on the painting. But getting ready for tomorrow is taking some good time there, too. It’s Friday, though, which I like.

Also, I sent my February email update out, which did a number on my back. Twenty minutes of sitting at the computer and I had to put in a good hour and a half to get a good back again. Up down up down. It’s my life, listening to my body for what I can get out of it. Minute by minute. Don’t over do.

Flashbacks or Alters or Personalities are close now. They are like filters for now, for half days at a time sometimes, depending. I think the filter works in different ways. I not only see through them, which is upsetting a bit, interesting and hard to stay quiet a lot, but the result is that alter gets vetted a bit more, has new experiences over/under the old. I’m not sure how it works. Really.

I miss yoga so very much. I cannot say. It’s been two weeks ago today. I know that meditation is part of yoga, and my intention deep down as a yogini is not different, still compassionate, i.e. and therefore — but yoga the physical sutras help me on so many levels and are so reassuring, refreshing, rejuvenating, fulfilling. I could go on.

The Front Porch has a lot to do with the transformative abilities of yoga on a person. On several people, actually. It’s good stuff. More than a thousand years old and scientific as well as spiritual.


‘Kay, time for me to rest me.

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