Ready to Live VII – VI

DSC_4217So it wasn’t Burnt Umber at all. It’s some sort of deep caput mortem. Wow. I like. Then I added a rusty stripe and an orange triangle. I went with a lovely deep comforting pink for the middle stripe up the left border and am quite happy with it.

Now I’ll spend some time studying it and adding some details to the blasted flowers, to bring them forward. The Earth section already has a lot of spacey detail, for sure, but it brings that section forward too much for my liking. I want the flowers to come forward, to bloom, as it were. Spring, you know?!

The bedroom moving went so well and we are so grateful to Jason’s sister Cathy who not only helped move, with Dennis and Jason, but cleaned !! We found even more stuff.

I’m very discombobulated in there I must say. I read the new INStyle, which for me is flipping through it in about twenty minutes, like window shopping. Then I take it next door to the rental office ladies. They enjoy it. More thoroughly I think than I do, but so be it.

Any hoo, I did that in there but have not rested in there yet. ! There is definitely more space and you have access to the windows and light and floor like you wouldn’t believe. But I’m just … liking it … and getting used to it. It’s like we moved. Weird.

I dressed the dresser again, differently this time. It’s always different whenever I do it over. Then a layer of new dust will settle over the lot.

Listening to Together Through Time by Bob Dylan. Jason is sleeping on the couch and Chipper on the chaise.

After the moving Dennis left. He’ll be back to record, all stars aligned, next Saturday, so I’ll be singing practicing singing!!! this week. Getting ready.

Then Cathy and I went to the Jewelry and Bead Store here in town. Such a nice lady there who owns it and a lovely store. Cathy found some nice things for her work on rosaries and the lady and I had a good catch up chat.

It’s a great sunny day — frigid in the wind, but we had a good time. You can feel Spring, inevitably coming. That’s a good Spring, if you can feel it on a day like today. I can’t wait to start a new garden. In April, right? Heh. But I’m ready already. Hee.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Ready to Live VII – VI

  1. Wonderful color choices!

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