Earth Water Tower III

DSC_4231Can you see the chain link fence in front now? You may have to click on it. I also added a TON of brightness and a TON of blue. Hmmm. This one is almost done.

Turns out I do in fact have one more piece of watercolor paper hiding underneath this one, same size. Glory BE! So … Feel like doing some really WILD thing. We shall see what I come up with. Not … a Ready to Live piece. I mean WILD. Heh.


Got up fairly easily at 8:30 am this morning and had a bit of a time pushing myself to get ready in a steady motion. See I’m not used to pushing. Anymore. The alters don’t like it. Tough noogies. But it had to be done. You’d think with two appointments for counseling a week? but I must be hibernating them down there or something. I’ve heard other people are having trouble getting up this time of year, too. Tough noogies all ’round. See, I don’t handle stress very well at all. I start hearing bad words and negative things, derogatory things, and get flashbacks/alters of horrible things. Not good. But I made it through and we had good walkies and I drove well right next to a police car and everything. Turns out I was the ONLY one going the speed limit. Officer. Go with the flow, he was, and I was determined to go 40 mph, like the sign said, so everyone passed me. It was kinda sorta funny.


The younger alters absolutely love LOVE love the eye exam tests, all of it. They think it is a game that they excel in. Whatever, but they love it. So I was giggling most of the time, like it or not. I think I jump two-three feet when they do the burst of air into each eye. Burst of laughter each time. I’m sure they’ve seen it all before.

We decided not to dilate my eyes because I just didn’t feel steady enough driving with that today. As well as I drove over there, I didn’t feel up to that challenge. Nope. So I said some time when Jason could drive me. No worries, they said.

My vision prescription had only worsened a tiny bit since 2009. Wait, 2009? Heh. I’ve been wearing a year’s worth since then? I wear ’em out! But I’m very clean, never get eye scratches or infections and none the worse for wear. As they say. No lectures. Wow. So in a week they will have the fresh lenses and they gave me a pair to run home in. So, cool.

Then, Jason had given me his VISA to go by BEERS and CHEERS for Proseco. It was slammed. Two delivery guys with loaded dollies and four guys waiting for their lunch orders, one guy checking for what needed to be re-upped over in the wine section with a pen, and me. When it was my turn, after I had looked for our fave Proseco and not seeing it anywheres, I said, Is there any Proseco in the house? To which the owner, who knows us well after so many years and cheers, gladly, even with a full house, walked over to the fridge and showed me three kinds, which didn’t for my sake jump out and say PROSECO at first glance. Because I certainly, with that crowd, would not have taken his time. So I got the mid-range, Cupcake brand, and that’s all she wrote.

Lovely spreading smiles all day, then back home to walk Chippie and very very sore, I rested. See, it snowed prettily overnight, just enough for me to clear my Bug. Just enough to make my right shoulder sore. And during walkies this morning it was a true hardship walking with my left leg. Had to keep shaking it out, which did no good at all, really.

So, rested, then painted.

Jason gave me a lovely and meaningful Valentine’s Day card, which was there for me first thing this morning when I made my coffee! Sigh, so very nice of him. šŸ™‚ He also posted a lovely lovely on Facebook and we traded some sillies and lovelies there. I started the taters at three pm and will start the marinade for the steaks after this blog, and the corn on the cob at 5:30. We are all set! Yum!

It is a beautiful sunny day! Oh! My Mars Black paint also came, so the backlog of unfinished paintings will be on its way out in the week to come.

We hung the large Live Oak painting in the den and it is lovely. I forget my paintings, until we pull them out from their covers, out of the closet. Oh, right! I like that one, those colors and shapes. It is to be the big star of the second show of the year, too!

Doing yoga very carefully and meditating. Ribs are slowly fusing or whatever. Last night I traced the tender thread of rib of the one that hurts and yow! that’s the one! couldn’t make it to the end still. Don’t know how it ends up still. Crazy. Give it time, I guess.

Making plans for lunch next Wednesday and next week with friends. Nice to have a little money again to go out … whee! Just a little will do ya. Such the social butterfly I am.


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