Earth Water Tower Finitti





So she is done! I didn’t do anything to her today except take her photo and put her up on the web, sign her back and put her away. Finitti. A good project, all in all. Thus, we have commemorated the lovely Earth Water Tower.

This morning long walkies were lovely with Chipper for the first time in about two months? Due to sickness, injuries, weather, you name it, we hadn’t gone on long walkies, poor dear. But it was great. We ran into an old friend who had been in the hospital with pneumonia, all wrapped up in his coat, and he was thrilled to see us. So that was good. It was great to spread joy again around the blocks. Hee.

Then I pretty much got in the car and went to counseling after feeding Chipper. It was that late. I got up at nine am but didn’t rush.

Wearing the long gray foldover waistband maxi skirt and gold suede boots from the eighties! They have held up, but I have worn them rarely and taken care of them. They are nondescript in terms of style, neither here nor there, so they still fit in. Yay! I’ve learned! Hee. Smoove. And gray slub henley, the white puffer I washed yesterday. Ready to go!

Counseling was refreshing. I entered from the waiting room, flashing rapidly, because I had the sunroof open and windows cracked (which you have to do in the Bee) and the Raybans on, but with all the trees and the Sun refracting through them it was too much trippy and it triggered me. So we worked through it and did deep breathing. I was like another emotion every three seconds. Lay down? Sit up? Sad? Happy? Angry? Argh. But it calmed down eventually. Thankfully. Was fine on the way home.

My main computer here is needing cleaning since June 7 last year so I may be in and out on the bloggy blog, just a heads up. I will do my best. Will start a new sketch tomorrow and try to get more art supplies when I’m able, a check is coming !! but the check will need now to go for the computer cleaning … eeP! so we shall play it by ear shan’t we? VERY stressful not having the main computer. I say it that way because we have the laptop to write on the novel and to upload the blog from, but it’s just NOT the same … at all. Oh poor me. REally.

Just not good with the stress. with my two Apple computers here. Too funny. Really.

It will be fine. Just hang with me for the next week or so. I’ll do my best to get you content. πŸ™‚

My left leg, hip, are going out on me this afternoon and needing a resty rest now. πŸ™‚

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