Undersea Clouds II Sketch and I

DSC_4239I love how very archival that looks. In that light, I guess, and maybe the Fabriano paper does that, in that light. Faschinating.

So, you who have been looking at the Tropical Undersea may immediately recognize Undersea Clouds, ah, but that is if you can even see the sketchy sketch. Alas.

DSC_4243This may help. Ignore the … thing in the middle. Think pigment layer to the far right. That is my goal. Then, thing, sore wrist and handlet. Got it. So, as I can, I will be getting all the Blue, simply called color for the watercolor crayon, onto the paper.

My plan is to get all of my pigments down, and then go to watercolor brush, with tiny bits of water. See what happens. We may not want to go too far. We may want to go very. We shall see.

The pigment quality, again, of these watercolor crayons, and the smoothness throughout. Absolutely delightful. Joy. If you almost don’t want to add water, that’s saying something, so we shall see, eh?

Rested a lot yesterday. A lot of pain. Bah.

COLD-meh day today but very pretty Sun and CLEAR BLUE SKY, to quote Chris Whitley’s brilliant song. I have been listening to a shuffle of like, everything he did, ? … ? is that possible that I own that? maybe? ida know … anyhoo … on the IPod and brilliant suffering Blues poet yumminess. Lord Buddha I miss him and he’s RIGHT there. It’s wierd and he’s of course not. Sigh.

Right now I’m on the second dance card with Tout Les Matins du Monde with the computer music system. The computer hath not crashed for lo these two weekende dayes. But we are still planning to be pro-active and get her cleaned. So.

I need to write like a mofo. Truly. I need to today. So that is my next goal, to read up from where I left off, get into the effing story like I was and get in there and write up a storm. Thing won’t write herself. September LOOMS! And there is so much fun stuff to write yet! Okay. So enough said. Pep! Pep!

We were going to go for a hike today but it’s too cold. Bah. Hopefully next weekend. And we were going to record but Dennis had to reschedule. No worries. I practiced and it didn’t go so badly. Yay. Sam came over last night and we will be sending him the four piano songs on Monday.

It’s hard to believe how much warmer it will be soon, like, even tomorrow. I’m going to go snuggle in and recharge so I can write later this afternoon. My right hand has been cramping with the watercolor crayon use. Agh.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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