Undersea Clouds II – IV

DSC_4251Here was the finished piece with just Blue done. I thought you might to see it.

DSC_4256Now, remember, these designs will most likely be painted over, right? Right? The whole point of using watercolor crayon is having the ability to make undersea clouds of them. Right? I have to remember that myself. So this documentation is rather cool, because otherwise all of this pre-work would be gone FOREVAH. As they say.

So I don’t know where designs come from, but I am continuing with a little ditty that I started doing with the blasted flowers in the Ready to Live series, where I split the colors along an imaginary line. It should help the painted version especially.

Hard to get up this morning. Just not into anything, back hurting so very much. And the bed so very comforting. Just wimpy! Right? I don’t know.


Walkies were so cold that they were very refreshing actually. I love any outings in Nature and am very lucky that Chipper gets me OUT. Otherwise. I would be a’bed.

Had lunch with a dear friend who is doing well on all fronts. It was awesome to hear and cheers were due and duly given, and a high-5. Yes!

Got to order the five 22 x 28 inch canvases … so will resume the Ready to Live and Tropical Undersea work … as I have with this painting, the latter.

Wrote a bit on the novel before I left. Getting the bug. Hopefully can write more tomorrow.

Painting was cathartic and energetic, especially with the new colors. Will find out soon about layering even more. Hang with me as the wet paint dries and we layer even more.

Did a quick load of light-colored laundry to stay caught up. Tomorrow will pick up my new packs of contact lenses.

Now to rest.



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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