Ready to Live VIII – III

DSC_4279These fun sprites were painted with my damned near teeniniest round brush. I tried today to use a slightly larger one, but had so much paint on my canvas I had to “Save it!” I said out loud softly with an exclamation point.

That was when I was on the yellow sprite.

I painted the darker lime one first, then the Cobalt Teal, from the LAST tube, don’t you know? Agh. Beautiful shade, straight from the tube. Sigh. I did those after rest last night, before Jason came home. It was so late I didn’t blog them. Alas.

Today I painted yellow and brighter lime sprites. Like Sprite, you might add, yes!


The sprites or sprouts, now that we’re talking about them, symbolize lots of growth types for me, in fact, any type of growth from the Earth in Spring or ever. EVER. Wow. Good ‘ol sprouts. Sprites are in fact, water faeries, and I’m fond of them as well.

Got up rather well today. Thinking of putting the cover photo for The Front Porch on the wall next to “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” Hmmm. Gumption is another word we’re using for morning bed outtage inspiration. We’re getting somewhere.

Spring is coming. It has no choice. Good thing. We’re all ready. You can tell.

Wrote 1214 words of the novel today. Feeling very good about the writing progress, almost daily now. Good flow. I need to write on the novel, I thought today. It wasn’t a should. It felt good.

Doing yoga about 2-3 times a day. The rib issue is very slight now, usually when stretching and twisting simultaneously, to either side, but I go slowly and carefully. Hoping to resume long walkies soon. Just haven’t felt up to it again yet. Gumption required.

Resting and up periods are about half and half, just the same. I’m learning to recharge myself whether I want to or not, realizing when I check in that I’m very tired and in pain and need the rest. Like a battery. I need the down time. When I’m resting and check in, I realize I’m not breathing properly, so I work on that. Alters come up and stuff, you have no IDEA, so I work on all of that. Before I know it, it is time to walk Chipper or consider being creative. Days pass like that. Weeks pass like that. And here we are in the now.

I try to listen to this should stuff very carefully. It’s been very helpful for the past few days. I mean, as I said in counseling the other day, The egg has to have form, the world has to have structure, the tree it’s bark and cells roots and branches, people have to have discipline and some rules. I don’t believe at ALL in anarchy. The first rule in anarchy is that there are no rules and there you go. You’ve broken your rule. Whatever.

I am extremely disciplined and then I am not. I am a free spirit and then I am conditioned to a T. It’s all very complicated, runs smoothly and breaks down often. I don’t get it and I understand it very well in the back of my mind, subconsciously, with triggers. Somewhere the conditioning understands itself before I can tell it not to react in certain ways. I move unconsciously.

I am very quiet and have a raucous interior. Go figure that one out.

So, it’s been a productive day and time to rest the beastie. 🙂 Be well. Thanks, as always, for listening.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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