Ready to Live VIII – IV


DSC_4280I added pure Cobalt pigment in the kind of Naztec pattern there in the middle, and am in the slowww but sure process of adding it as a background to the yellow Sprout in the middle. It will be kind of regal even. Using the detail round brush, it takes the time.

The background over most of the center, I’ve decided will be a special light botanical green mix. MMMmmm. That should allow the Sprouts and growth symbol designs to really POP!

Rested before my counseling and psychiatrist appointments today. Tried to write and paint but it was just not happening, so I rested. Just could not get behind anything. So, again it’s good I don’t, because … I just turned the heating pad on, and lay down beside the sleeping Chipper in the bed.

In counseling we went over the should statements more and I don’t remember what else really but I left there feeling confident and active, whereas I went there not really wanting to be there, except knowing it’s my work. Work I have to do on myself.

Friday, Friday, Friday. Yes! No real plans for the weekend, yet hope to hike yet again.

Oh. Get this. I have taken down lots of art from the walls in the house, and will be wrapping lots that is hanging now, in preparation for shows and the Open House. I know it’s in June. However, I need to shift out, to curate a show for the Open House that I can be inspired by before then. Not willy nilly, what’s on the floor, let’s hang that up, but look at my archive and pull pieces and hang a chosen selection.

I’m thinking some of the Countryside‘s and some of the Tropical Undersea, … I think it will be nice. It’s a big project, but it will be a good exercise, methinks. I’ll take photos of the walls when done. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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