Ready to Live VIII – V

DSC_4284Now that is a bit better with the contrast there you can see the yellow Sprout so much better … ahhhh. Some serious brushwork to make that happen, I must say.

Speaking of brushwork today, I edged in black one edge each of four Ready to Live paintings … so that’s why I have less to report on the current piece.

Also, I did a fair amount of time on putting up older works to the walls in the bedroom and dining room today. Glad to see the old fellows, actually, and literally pull them out of the closet, like treasures. Some needed stringing, and luckily, some had been in a show or two.






DSC_4292So no wonder my lower back is seriously twisted up now. But to good effect! Right? I’m not sure if these are the paintings that will stay, but it’s a big relief to get the bulk of them  up for now. 🙂

Woke up with my left inner thigh muscle strained, so walkies, in fact, moving today has been hard. So what have I been doing all day? Moving. Stretching, yoga. Massaging the darned thing. I mean, life can’t stop. Am paying for it now. Time to seriously seriously rest. Tomorrow may be a full day of rest. Eep?

I just had a lot of … gumption to get these things done today. Hopefully my left side will feel up to hiking tomorrow? Ohhhhh. It’s just a crazy body.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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