Ready to Live VIII – XI


DSC_4313Major progress in an hour today. I hit a spot where I was able to use the bright brush and ran with it — what a relief! See? Ahhh. So now I still have considerable days’ worth of work to do within the remaining Sprouts but feel good about today.


I think this is going to be a nice painting! Hoorah!

So last night I was resting and wondered, Have we met our deductible, and, Do we have to pay a chunk of funds for surgery after all? That being back surgery. So I got on the horn, that being the cell phone, and waited on hold for 25 minutes for five minutes of answers and lo and behold, we HAVE met our deductible and we would have to pay $500 for the room and board for a hospital stay, and that is ALL. Wow. That is so doable.

So. This morning I called the surgery coordinator at the back surgeon’s office and told her and she called back to say that the surgeon said, a) he would need another MRI and b) to make another appointment to discuss, but c) it’s a go for major lower back surgery. Basically. That’s good news, you all.

Cause I’m in a lot of pain and disfunction. As of today, my right hip is acting up. It’s tired of being the fall guy hip, as it were. I have no other hips to fall back on. Bah. So, I have the injections a week from Monday — yow but yay — and then next week will pick up the MRI script and schedule a) the MRI asap and b) the follow-up appointment asap. Stay tuned.

I gave a heads up to my friend the photographer who is taking my portraits in April that we will need to do that sooner as well. Hee. So silly, but I’d rather do that before the surgery, too. Vanity. Bah.

I have the idea for the next painting already and am so excited. And the next. Whoa. Better paint one fast and then hold off, eh? Who knows how that will play out.

Last time I had back surgery there was no physical therapy post. The surgeon just told me to walk lots, which I did, and it worked like a charm, truly. But this time, I tell you now, there will be lots of pt. I already have the back brace, thankfully. Hmmm. I’m already trying to think of everything. Heelarious how my brain thinks ahead all the time.

I’m already thinking about the June 15 Open House as well. You all come! Right?

Right. It’s going to be a BLAST. YUM.

Ran errands today, picked up the Percocet and coffee, wore me OUT, but painted.

Can’t describe the pain. My shoulders are each acting up as well. Not sure what that’s about.

Ranted about sharks on FB. Heh. Not a fan. Will never go into the surf again, not even tippy toes into the wavelets, not even, not even. Forget it. Effers. Not my fault we’ve fished their world to havoc. I don’t even like to eat fish. ARgh. Heh. Shrimp, yes. Ahem. Do they even eat shrimp? They eat EVERYTHING. Effers. I repeat, not a fan. Not sure why I’m ranting so about sharks. But … I am.


Gotta rest me. Sorry. That’s all I got today. Thanks as always for the listen in. 🙂


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