Ready to Live VIII Finitti and New Sketch!


I really like this one and I think looking back across the series, this one is a celebration point.

Now, I can hardly hold in my excitement about the next one, so here goes the sketch for today:

DSC_4332Oh, now tell me you can see that. It is based on a photograph of mine from Cumberland Island and a painting I made of it, secondly, called Live Oak. I am super-excited about the strength and simplicity of the forms. It’s scary to be simple because I feel like people go, I could have done that. And sure, yeah. But I danced with this painting, I danced with it to Kurt Elling singing Blue to Green (sp) by Miles Davis, looking at the photograph, remembering riding our bicycles in the deep sand slowly, stopping to take photographs there, the magic of the place, everywhere you looked.

And then there is a question, I am not a single tree am I? I have singled out a tree to symbolize all trees, the ONE tree to be ALL trees. Sigh.

I noticed that the trees there reach and uphold the weight of the Sun and the water and wind. They are pulled but they withstand. They reach mightily to the Sun and are drenched thoroughly by the rains. They seem to cradle the sky with their tree arms and hands while they dance and reach.

I tried to capture that.

I noticed that in my first Live Oak painting, there is a sense of falling, of insecurity. There are great vibrance, presence and strength, but that sense of falling, loss. I didn’t want that in Ready to Live IX. I wanted that sense of cradling the sky, while dancing and reaching. We shall see.

Got up when Jason called me at TEN O’CLOCK people! I had to walk Chipper immediately and then get ready to go to the noon MRI appointment.

All was well, though. Again. I didn’t stress, just was aware of the time and didn’t pressure my movements, because that would get my cortisol levels up. Sure enough, I did such a good job, I passed the test of lying still for the MRI, a long test! Hooray. I have not done so well on those lately, last year, twice, of note.

Instead, nice dude tech said my pulse was so regular it was strong, or something, noteworthy.  I meditate, I said. Well, it works, he said.

Mmhmm, I said.

I had been able to successfully go to the beach, and almost reach a sleep state for most of the test. That was really good for me.

Then I came home, finished the painting, took photos, uploaded to the web (took Chipper out and fed him first of course 🙂 did the sketch and am typing to you now, quite quite (!) ready for a bit of long rest!

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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