Ready to Live IX – I


DSC_4338First let me catch up by saying I had a delightful time at the Art League of Germantown’s Thirtieth Anniversary Meeting/Celebration on Wednesday night. I was so wired and excited when I came up, well, maybe that’s one reason I slept ’til ten am yesterday morning. No, really, everyone was encouraging and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to learn everything about the history of the organization in under two hours. Wow. So I’m super-thrilled to join next month, they have my application and are holding my membership check ’til then, and I should be able to just join before the surgery. There will be a Fall show I can have pieces in.


The photo above is one of the first if not the first, (sic), paintings for the Art League’s lithographs sold to generate funds for their scholarship. It is a beautiful butterfly that now is in my studio, just to the left of my easel. I LOVE IT.

DSC_4336And here is what I painted this morning before counseling on the new painting. I am so excited to start it, and to paint in black. Ahhhhh. Almost as much fun as painting in red. mmmmmmm.

I am keeping the surface of the painting smooth and expressive for the tree bark. Yum.

I may paint more today but needed to get the blog done so I can finish addressing the email updatees and cleaning the kitchen and rest … REST!

Tomorrow we have two friends over for a jazz jamming project for Jason and then recording one song hopefully, River, for the Joni Mitchell project. So the house has to be CLEAN. er. I also have to practice singing a lot. Right. Lots to do!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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