Ready to Live IX – II

DSC_4339What a joy and inspiration this painting is to create. I am painting it from the ground up, and it also feels a little Japanese and Chinese at times in inspiration, like painting with ink. It also feels a bit Latin American and African, because it feels tropical. So I suppose it feels international? It is the One tree after all. 🙂

I will change out my palette tomorrow after using up the rest of the black paint on edging the backlog (!) of paintings overdue for finishing in my studio now. Before the surgery we’ll need to do a lot of reorganizing of the apartment and the artwork, what’s on the walls and in the closets, and hanging at Jason’s work site — while my back is still fairly functional.

I will put out fresh greens and yellow and white to make lime. Hey, I saw in the art supplies catalog I order from that they have neon acrylic paints (from the company I like) and I would like about three colors for jungles and underwater play … hmmmm … yes!

So tomorrow, I will make the lime. Oh how I love the lime.

Today we got up super early and Jason made peach buttermilk waffles. We got the house the rest of the way finished for our friends to come record and then they came.

Thankfully I was able to warm up to Patty Griffin and Joni Mitchell and had finished right as they came in.

I have been painting while they have been recording all this time and it’s now just about time for me to record — and I am ready for a good rest instead — hee — not! later. Right?

My back is stinging … etc. It will be fun. I hope I sing well!

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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