Ready to Live IX – III

DSC_4342I was going to change the palette, but because I had sprayed it often with water, quite a bit of the greens were still good, and I had just put a good deal of white and black down. I had planned on using the black for edging, which I did for two finished paintings. Not my favorite thing to do, btw.

I had planned to scoop the white on to the new palette. I tested the chromium green on a whim before changing out and, sure enough, it was good. So … I’m painting over the same one for now.

Mixed up a nice lime that is truer to the photo of Cumberland Island actually than the Live Oak painting.

Had fun painting and had come to a stopping place of the Palmetto Grass there, when I decided the mix on the palette needed to be preserved with acrylic glaze, so I had all this paint on my brush, and finished the Palmetto Grass, almost? hee

Very very tired from yesterday. So much standing and interacting. Turns out no recording for River. We were not ready but we did make progress talking about the sound we want for it, instead.

I’m to do a guide vocal for Come on Up to the House, a Tom Waits wonderful song.

Oh, turkey burgers are done, must run!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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