Ready to Live X – II


DSC_4367Believe it or not, this was some real work, this upper green corn leaf here. For me, today, it was work. So that’s what I have for you today.

Straight Chromium Green, straight from the tube.

We went to the Montgomery Mall today and I re-upped at Macy’s Chanel counter my dwindling dashing daring red lipstick supply — apparently they no longer make the red I have been using in the the past year. Alas. No worries. They had a new one. Number one oh four or something. For a moment I was scared that was the price. Hee. No really. She confirmed the lipstick costs thirty-four. It lasts a year, people! So I get it home and had my glasses on and saw on the box that the name of the lipstick color is PASSION.

Heaven forbid.

Looks glorious and lasts. Le sigh.

Then we went to Victoria’s Secret because for some time I’ve needed another some underthings that shall go unmentioned unmentionables here got unmentionables and fun here but only stuck to things that made sense for my age and were only somewhat sparkly and lacy and not off the mark otherwise, proper and within budget.

Now, get that.

Passion and proper.


Then we got Chipotle and brought it home and now, get THIS. I had NO appetite.

For Chipotle.

That never happens.

HMMM? We’re not sure except that I do feel depressed and am going through a lot emotionally and still in a lot of physical pain, very tired, in pain, etc.

Well, time to walk the Chip Daddy. Suffice it to say, I tasted a little, and a little more, and it all worked out okay. Jack White, Missing Pieces, is playing on Radio Paradise right now …



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